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Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of sewing classes in the city. How is The Sewing Workshop different?

What sets us apart is our one on one classes. The classes are flexible and adjustable based on your level of skills and needs.

What is a sewing workshop, anyway?
It is a friendly place to learn and grow, in the field of fashion.

I need curtains sewn/pants hemmed/zipper fixed, can you do it for me?
I will be pleased to teach you how to do it yourself.
Individual classes are available for curtains, pants and zippers.

Can you recommend a sewing machine for me?

Where can I buy a good sewing machine?
There are many stores in the city where sewing machines can be purchased. I will provide information and recommend you towards making the right purchase.

Where do I get my sewing machine fixed?
There are places in the city where this can be done. I will guide you to them.

Do I need to make reservations?

Can I bring my own sewing machine to the workshop?
Yes, but we do have sewing machines here for your convenience.

What if I don't finish?
If you are not finished your project in the allocated time you can book additional hours to work at the workshop with my supervision.

I've never used a sewing machine before. What classes do you recommend I take?
I recommend you take the sewing machine basics lesson.

Do you have a waiting list for classes?
We have available classes right now, and a flexible schedule that will accommodate your needs.

What does Level "Beginners", "Intermediate", "Advanced", etc. mean?
Each one of these levels determines your placement in the classes based on your abilities. Your level of skill will be determined with you upon enrolment in the lesson.

  • Beginners do not have any experience in sewing, or have done very simple projects in the past.
  • Intermediate experience would be someone who knows how to use the sewing machine with confidence and has finished more detailed projects on their own.
  • Advanced students have some background in sewing and are willing to enhance and refine their skills.

What if you don't have the fabric I want?
We have a selection of fabrics for you to choose from, however if you are interested in other materials, I will provide you with the locations where they could be purchased.


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